Thursday, February 3, 2011

From B to the D :)



you know how much I miss you. since we 'break' last 2 months. but it feels like 2 years. I miss you so much. you are one of my best friends. now, me and you are away. but you are always in my heart, always remember you sayang .
I really hope the friendship that we built two months ago will remain forever.
i love youu . :)

our friendship is never end :)

d , tetibe b terpanggil nak buat entry untuk d . hee .
rinduuu d sgt2 tauuuu . make sure d blek JB dis week kite dpt jmpe laa eh .
hopefuly laa kan .

miss you ,

note : d is for DYA and b is for BEA
harap maklum :)

Thanks for reading Handsome and Pretty :)

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  1. sweet sgt2...semoga persahabatan kekal...alief dah singggah blog awk ni..awk jgn lupa singgah blog alief taw..huhu..kalau awk sudi,,dtg follow je pun tak ape...tapi rugi tak baca blog alief taw..hehe..kalau awk sunyi kat bilik,,singgah la blog alief.. maybe blog alief boleh jadi peneman awk di kala sunyi..cehhh..haha..jgn lupa dtg dan folow blog alief..for sure alief akan slalu dtg sini..